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Wpisał: Agata Ożyńska   




     "A healthy baby – education, preventive medicine and refurbishment of wards in the Healthcare Centre in Chełmno in order to improve the quality of perinatal care in the region" which was co-financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism has come to an end.
    Within the project’s implementation the rooms of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Ward have been refurbished and modernized as well as medical apparatus and equipment has been purchased for the Ward which will provide patients and their newly born babies with an adequate medical care. The renovation has contributed to the full implementation of a rooming-in system in the Hospital, being a system which enables mother to stay with her baby. We provide our patients with single, double and triple rooms with an access to the toilet in each room. The conditions, level and quality of rendered medical services have been improved as well as the living conditions of patients and working conditions of medical personnel have been enhanced.
One has purchased for the purposes of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Unit and Antenatal Classes i.a.:
- a gynaecological chair,
- a delivery bed,
- 2 electric and 1 manual breast pumps,
- 1 bilirubinometer,
- 4 cardiotocographs (including one for monitoring twin pregnancy) with central monitoring system,
- 2 ultrasound systems (one for Trauma and Orthopaedic Unit in order to implement an ultrasound scan of hips programme),
- 6 electronic scales for newborns,
- 7 infusion pumps,
- 3 pulse oximeters,
- 3 electric suction pumps,
- balls, mattresses, infant manikins, baby bath, multimedia equipment, teaching aids.
The USG TV preterm labour prediction programme:
- 1145 patients have been covered by the programme,
- 2262 examinations have been performed within screening,
- 183 patients have been diagnosed with a short or shortening cervix,on
- 93 of them have been hospitalised,
- 5 patients have had a cerclage placed in their cervices, 3 have had a pessary inserted to support the cervix.
Preventive medicine programme of newborns' hip joints ultrasound scan [USG]:
- the programme has covered 1223 children,
- 2261 tests have been performed,
- 26 cases of dysplasia have been diagnosed and these children were advised to use the Pavlik Harness.
An educational programme for parents expecting a baby and after labour concerning baby care in hospital and at home:
- education has covered over 1 706 people in the Ward, Antenatal Classes, the K Outpatient Clinic
- 180 parents with their children have participated in the massage workshop, 430 people have been educated.
    On 15 December 2016 a conference summarizing the project was held. During the conference the refurbished ward and the achievements of the implemented project were presented and papers on conducted programmes were delivered.

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