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- Refurbishment of the Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Ward PDF Drukuj Email
Wpisał: Agata Ożyńska   




     On 20 April within the implementation of the project entitled: “A healthy baby – education, preventive medicine and refurbishment of wards in the Healthcare Centre in Chełmno in order to improve the quality of perinatal care in the region” co-financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 a refurbishment of the Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Neonatal Ward started which is being performed by “Cezar” Construction and Transport Services Piotr Preuss business activity from Chełmża. Refurbishment is scheduled to take over 5 months.
The investment is aimed at the alteration and refurbishment of rooms in the Ward for it to fulfil the requirements of applicable law and expectations of their Users – both employees of the Ward and ZOZ in Chełmno, all patients (female patients and their babies) and families who visit them. The implementation of the investment will contribute to the improving of level and quality of medical services provided and the enhancing of living standards of patients so that the stressful moments of labour and first days of parenthood are as peaceful and comfortable as possible. In the Ward a rooming-in system will be fully implemented, being a system which enables mother to stay with her baby.

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