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Shantala massage

A touch of love for your baby


     Shantala massage is an ancient massage technique of newborns and children introduced in modern Europe. It enjoys great popularity in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. It should be emphasised that this type of massage is not of therapeutic character, rather it is a relaxation massage and regular massaging has a beneficial effect on a child as well as on mother and father. It can be performed successfully by everyone as its technique is fairly easy to learn.
Shantala massage is a special form of touch, which apart from pleasure deriving from a close contact, brings plenty of health and emotional benefits for the whole family.
Benefits for a child:
- stimulates normal physical and mental development of a child,
- helps regulate dream,
- improves digestion, prevents colics, increases appetite,
- soothes, calms,
- gives a sense of safety,
- strengthens emotional bonds with parents,
- boosts the immunity system of the body.
Benefits for parents:
- enhances self-confidence, gives faith in oneself,
- calms, relaxes,
- alleviates or prevents postpartum depression of mothers,
- strengthens bonds with the child,
- helps understand the child, what he or she signals, the communication of his or her body,
- allows better rest when the baby is sleeping after massage longer,
- a better lactation has been observed in women massaging their children.
Classes take place in a warm, cosy atmosphere in a group of 6 - 7 people, children + carers (maximum 2 people). It is very important to us that during classes both baby and his or her parents feel comfortably. The whole course covers 5 meetings, the classes take place once a week in the Antenatal Classes of ZOZ in Chełmno. They are carried out by neonatology nurses, certified instructors of Shantala massage - Joanna Pilkiewicz and Natasza Żeglarska.
The workshop is organised within the project: "A healthy baby – education, preventive medicine and refurbishment of wards in the Healthcare Centre in Chełmno in order to improve the quality of perinatal care in the region" which has been co-financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.
We invite parents of young children to classes that will allow you to plumb the mysteries of Shantala massage techniques of your child in a pleasant manner.
Thanks to Norwegian and European Economic Area Financial Mechanism funds they are free of charge!
Information and enrolment:
Joanna Pilkiewicz - tel.: 502 605 826
Natasza Żeglarska - tel.: 606 162 219





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